Counting Down Portland’s Best Burgers

Chris and I have embarked on a lovely adventure with my parents. We are on a quest to find the best gourmet burger in Portland. We are using the newly released list from The Oregonian that shows their picks for Top 10 Burgers in Portland.

See the list here.

First up on our list was Branch Whiskey Bar off of Alberta. I ate the “Alberta Burger” which was the classic and recommended burger. This burger was great and so much meat I could barely get my mouth around it! The burger had blue cheese, housemade pickles and a spicy remoulade sauce. The specialty side was duck fat fries and believe it or not, these were wonderful and didn’t taste too gamey.

For our rating system we decided to rate the burger places for the overall environment which includes service, location and venue appeal. We, of course, will be rating the burger and then we will also rate the side dishes that we got (we try and stay consistent and order the recommended or most popular sides).

The whole crew’s ratings are below!

Kendra’s Ratings

Environment: 5

Burger: 5

Side: 6

“These fries were so good and I have never tasted anything like their housemade pickles. Delicious!”

Chris’ Ratings

Environment: 5.5

Burger: 5

Side: 8

Ron’s Ratings

Environment: 4.8

Burger: 7

Side: 7.5

Lisa’s Ratings

Environment: 4.7

Burger: 5

Side: 7.2