Tour of Casa La Barber

A few people have asked me for a virtual tour of our little home so I snapped a few photos yesterday to share!

This is the front of the little place in Newberg! It is a little weird to think of myself as a homeowner still but we are are really enjoying the process of “nesting”.

This is our living room which is what you see right when you walk in the door. We have tried many different furniture arrangements since moving in to be able to accommodate many house guests but this is the one we have landed on for now. I am dying to get some more artwork for the walls and to get rid of the current curtains!

Our kitchen is attached right off of the living room. I have a slight obsession with Italy and so the style of the kitchen is based on Italy. All of my dishes are Bistro Chef dishes. Soon I will have Trattoria artwork for the walls in here as well. We added the chandelier when we moved in to spice it up and make it look a bit more modern.

Down the hallway from this is the “Man Cave”, 2nd bathroom, my office and then the master bedroom. This is Chris’ man cave office, every gamer and electronic geek’s dream.

My office is my inspiration zone for my photography work. Sadly I don’t spend nearly as much time in here as I would like to. I really love the design and appreciate how modern it looks. I have a love for modern design but somehow everything but this room transformed more into a traditional look.

I love nothing in my house as much as I love this king sized bed. I have never slept in something so comfortable and big. I am proud of the artwork on the walls. I went to the garage sale of a Nike textiles designer. He designer the fabrics used on Nike shoes. He had these macro shots of textiles hanging in his home for many years but was upgrading his space and wanted to sell them. After some negotiating (I can never pay full price) I was able to grab these for $10. They add a great modern element to the room and help tie in the grey color scheme from the offices.

I didn’t include shots of the bathrooms because they are just…bathrooms. Sorry for the blurry, dark images. I should actually be pulling out my camera for all of this work but by the time I finish a day of work and a night at the studio, I am tired of holding a camera!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our little place and I am happy to have people along for the journey of designing and making this space home.