Portland Burger Tour – Paleys Place

Last night on the burger tour we visited Paley’s Place. I have to say that personally it was one of my favorites so far! When we arrived the bar area was full and that is typically the only place that the burger is presented on the menu, they made an exception for us and sat us in the dining room and allowed us to order the burger.

The environment was absolutely lovely. It is a very high class dining area and we are happy we somewhat dressed for the occasion. After taking our order we were served complimentary hors d’oeuvres on silver spoons. The first one was a falafel with Tahitian sour cream and pomegranate seeds. We were then served a loaf of soft bread and butter. The burgers took a little bit longer than most because they grind the meat to order. They literally ground the beef for our burger immediately before they made the patty! The burger arrived with a green salad with vinaigrette dressing and pickled mixed vegetables. I can honestly not rave enough about this burger. The meat was by far the most tender and delicious hamburger meat I have ever eaten. The burger came with a soft brioche bun, caramelized onions, homeade ketchup and mustard aioli sauce. As extras some of us added cheese, either gruyere or blue, and also bacon which was tender and maple seasoned. We all ordered a side of fries which came with an aioli mustard. The dessert menu looked incredible but the burger was so tasty and rich that we passed. They brought us chocolate and fig mini cookies with our check.

The service was wonderful and the whole atmosphere and experience of Paley’s Place was one of my favorites yet. See the crew’s ratings below:

Kendra’s Ratings

Environment: 10

Burger: 9

Side: 8

“I loved the high class environment and the burger was so rich and flavorful.”

Chris’ Ratings

Environment: 7

Burger: 8

Side: 4

“The burger was phenomenal and tender and the environment and fries were a little salty for my taste”.

Ron’s Ratings

Environment: 9

Burger: 8

Side: 8

“I have never had a hamburger this tender before.”

Lisa’s Ratings

Environment: 9.3

Burger: 8.7

Side: 9.5

“The fries were excellent and the blue cheese on the burger was perfect with the tender meat.”