Portland Burger Tour – Ate Oh Ate

Last night we headed out to Ate Oh Ate in Portland on East Burnside. This little joint is know for it’s awesome Hawaiian food. It was much less formal that all the other places we have eaten which I guess is what you would expect from a Hawaiian restaurant! The environment was relaxed and food came pretty quickly!


We all ordered the signature Aina Burger which was their recommended specialty. This burger had kimchi relish, crispy pork belly, iceburg and onions. It came with a side of mac salad, green salad or taro chips. I had the taro chips with mine! The burger was good, it had very distinct flavors and may be a taste that might be consider acquired. Kimchi for all who don’t know is a Korean vegetable mix of cabbages that have been fermented. And pork belly is similar to bacon but very thick and fatty. We were all happy we went the adventurous route instead of ordering their standard cheeseburger!

 See the whole crew’s ratings below:

Kendra’s Ratings

Environment: 6

Burger: 5

Side: 5

“Super relaxed environment, it reminded me of a diner in Maui!”

Chris’ Ratings

Environment: 6

Burger: 4

S: 5

Ron’s Ratings

Environment: 7

Burger: 7

Side: 7

“It was a good burger, not a great burger.”

Lisa’s Ratings

Environment: 7.5

Burger: 4.6

Side: 5.2