Burger Tour – Frack Burger

Last night we diverted from our Oregonian Top 10 Burger list to add one that we had found on a few other lists. Frack burger is located in Canby and is a place we would rate on our tier 2 burger list. Tier 1 burgers are more gourmet burgers and tier 2 are what we would consider a more classic, diner style burger/environment.

Frack burger is TINY! It only has about 4 tables inside and it is honestly really easy to miss when driving by. There were several really good looking burgers on the menu but the crew ended up order the Piggy Back and the Swiss Miss Piggy. The Piggy Back is a special ½ Lb. bacon & beef infused patty with 3 crisp onion rings, BBQ sauce, 2 thick slices of bacon & topped with White Tillamook Cheddar on a grilled bun. The Swiss Miss Piggy is a seared ½ Lb. beef patty topped with grilled ham, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, 2 thick slices of bacon, swiss cheese & our house made roasted garlic dijon aioli on a grilled bun. We order fries and onion rings as our sides. We all really enjoyed the sides and felt like we were going to go into cardiac arrest after the burgers (in the best possible way). The burgers are massive. As illustrated in some photos below – definitely couldn’t get my mouth around it.

Shout out to Aaron Porter for sharing this Groupon deal with us! If you are interested in trying Frack Burger, grab this deal on Groupon.

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The group’s full ratings are below. Keep in mind that tier 2 burger joints will be rated in their own category.

Kendra’s Ratings:

Environment – 2

“Staff was friendly but the building was so small.”

Burger – 6

Side(s) – 6

Chris’ Ratings:

Environment – 3

Burger -7

Side(s) -4

“I felt like a champion after finishing that burger.”

Ron’s Ratings:

Environment – 1

Burger – 5

Side(s) – 4.5

“I felt like I needed a bath after that meal.”

 Lisa’s Ratings:

Environment – 1

Burger – 5

Side(s) – 5.7

“Have extra napkins when eating this burger!”