Burger Judge’s Taste and Palette Bios

In preparation for our burger night tonight I thought I would release a post with food and palette bios for the judges panel so that viewers could figure out whose ratings were going to resonate best with their own palette. If a food and palette bio wasn’t a thing before, it is now! All of our judges wrote their own bios. We are open to questions so just comment with anything!

Kendra – that’s me! I would consider my taste to be eclectic. I am the type of person who loves to order something really unique whenever I am dining. I think food should leave you with a story to tell. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I love ethnic food and flavors. I like spice but nothing painfully hot that will detract from the other flavors. I love the collision of sweet and savory. I can’t off hand think of any foods or flavors that are an absolute no for me. I can try anything once! I tend to enjoy and appreciate more of a fine dining atmosphere as well as a gourmet burger vs a tier 2 burger. When talking burgers specifically I am all about the flavor profiles rather than specific ingredients.

Chris – “I am a comfort food kind of guy. Really good quality, thick meat is the most important for me on a burger. Bacon will always be on my burger if there is the option. I also really like mustard flavors and a few of my favorite toppings are mushrooms and dill pickles. I prefer spicy flavors to sweet or tangy ones. I think a burger shouldn’t try too hard and cram alot of flavors and toppings. Simplicity is key. I also love leaving feeling very full and no room for dessert.” 

Ron –  ” I enjoy a variety to foods, bold flavors, various ethnic dishes I like blended, complementary spices and flavors married together but also bold contrasting flavors.  When it comes to a good hamburger, it’s all about how the flavors work together.  I love specialty sauces on a burger, something a little unique and different.  Smoked bacon never hurts.  Preferably something I can get my mouth around, although I don’t mind stretching the limits from time to time.”

Lisa – “Some say a good burger is all about the meat; if they had meat and nothing else it would be perfect. Although meat is important, I look forward to the seasonings, sauces, cheeses (especially blue cheese) pickles, onions, mushrooms, and the extra garnishes that go with the meat when looking for a good burger. I want to taste the flavors of these ingredients. And a good hamburger bun is a must! I want to think that I am adventurous with food but am probably more on the conservative side when trying new things (but I can be easily swayed.) However, I don’t think that I well ever be swayed to order foie gras as a burger topping! Finally, a good burger has to have fries. Burgers and fries go hand in hand.”