Portland Burger Tour – Little Bird Bistro

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Little Bird Bistro in Portland! Little Bird is definitely what we would consider a Tier 1, gourmet bistro and burger. Since we typically do our burger tour nights on weeknights we just went in as walk-ins. We would definitely recommend making reservations if you go on a weekend. Parking is street parking right downtown so we walked a couple of blocks to get there. Little Bird Bistro has French roots so much of the menu is traditional French and some items, like the burger, can have a French twist added. In the burger’s case the optional addition was seared foie gras. None of us spent the extra $20 to have that added and we loved the burger as it was!

We started off our meal with a crusty loaf of bread with butter and sea salt. We made it just to the second loaf before our burgers were ready. The burger was on a thick sesame seed bun with a 1/2 lb patty (we got ours cooked medium). It comes with lettuce, home made spicy pickle relish, sauteed onions and goat cheese. The flavor of the burger was absolutely amazing. The pairing of the meat and goat cheese was wonderful and the onions and relish complimented each other so well. It is definitely one of my favorite burgers I have had on the tour so far, and I never thought I would say that about a burger with goat cheese! We all ordered fries as our side and we all loved them. They were fresh cut potatoes, perfectly crispy and without any grease.

The crew’s ratings are below:

Kendra’s Ratings

Environment: 8

Burger: 8.5

Side: 8

“I loved this burger and completely enjoyed the mix of flavors and the fries were amazing!”

Chris’ Ratings

Environment: 4

Burger: 6

Side: 8

Ron’s Ratings

Environment: 7.5

Burger: 8

Side: 8.5

“I admit I was a little skeptical of a goat cheese burger but it pleasantly surprised me. This was an incredible burger with masterfully constructed flavors”

Lisa’s Ratings

Environment: 8

Burger: 7.5

Side: 9.5

“I loved the fries!”