Christmas Tree Adventure

This weekend Chris and I got to go Christmas Tree hunting for the very first time! It has always been tradition in my family to go out to a tree farm near my parents house and cut down our own tree. Chris and I have adopted that tradition into our family. My family and Chris and I got to pick our trees together this year! We wanted something full and big but not too hard to manage. It was absolutely freezing outside even though the sun in the photos would make you believe otherwise. Numb fingers and happy hearts are just part of the deal.

I am thoroughly enjoying the holiday season with Chris. We are so happy and just enjoying every phase.

Matt was generous enough to let Chris borrow a hat to keep his ears warm. I just gave him a haircut so he was feeling a little bare!

We selected our tree! It was lovely! My rule for a good tree is that you shouldn’t be able to touch the top!


Next we selected my parents tree! It is a monster. But most of us love it hehe. 


We got both of the trees put up no problem! Grandma even came up for lunch and got to spend some time with us while we decorated! 

Chris and I decorated out first tree together. I decided that next year I want white lights instead of colored and my theme is silver and gold. I am being cheap and am going to wait until after Christmas to pick up most of my stuff but what you see here are my summer garage sale findings.