Our First Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving Chris and I were so sad to hear that he was scheduled to work a mandatory day. I wanted to make sure we got to make Thanksgiving all that it could be before he had to leave. I hosted a Thanksgiving breakfast for Chris’ family in the morning. I made waffles, hashbrowns, eggs and bacon. It was nice getting to do this on our first Thanksgiving together as a family!

After breakfast we only had a couple hours before Chris had to leave. He conveniently works in Wilsonville and my family celebrated at my grandparents house in Wilsonville. He was able to get a Thanksgiving dinner before he left to work for the evening. We crammed alot of photos into the short time that we had!

 As far as baking this year I tried two brand new cookie recipes and both were a big hit!

The first one was a Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodle. These cookies actually have cheesecake filling baked into the cookie!

The second ones were Maple Glazed Pumpkin Soft Cookie. These cookies are the Thanksgiving version of those delicious pink frosted bakery cookies you get at the store. They are so soft and so yummy!