Portland Burger Tour – Tasty and Alder

On Thursday night we enjoyed a trip down to Tasty and Alder in Portland. We all had the Alder Burger which was a medium sized patty with chubut cheese & hazelnut romesco. This burger was actually one of the first that I could fit into my mouth which was awesome! The flavor of the burger was really good and we all loved that it came with fries! The only thing we didn’t enjoy was how loud it was in the building. We weren’t able to hear each other talk across the table! Overall we had an awesome time and loved the burger!

Everyone’s ratings are below –

Kendra’s Ratings

Burger – 7.5

Environment – 4

Side – 7

“Loved how savory this burger was!”

Chris’ Ratings

Burger – 6

Environment – 5

Side – 6

Ron’s Ratings

Burger – 8.1

Environment – 2

Side – 7.6

“Chubut cheese was fantastic!”

Lisa’s Ratings

Burger – 7.7

Environment – 5

Side – 8.5