Portland Burger Tour – Le Pigeon

Le Pigeon is a lovely little restaurant right off of Burnside in downtown Portland. The place is tiny so we definitely recommend making reservations if possible. Their menu only has one burger so there is no confusion on which to order! We were served bread and salted butter while we waited for our food. The burger is by far the messiest burger we ate! There were split decisions on the ratings of this burger because there were many strong flavors in play. The burger has a tender meat patty, a sauce that tasted like an aioli with horseradish, pickled thick sliced, red onions and a strong blue cheese. The burger is served with a butter lettuce salad with a blue cheese vinaigrette. I loved the combination of flavors minus maybe a touch of the strong horseradish. Take a look below to see our very split opinions!

Kendra’s Ratings

Burger – 8.5

Environment – 5

Side – 9

Chris’ Ratings

Burger – 3

Environment – 3

Side – 3

Ron’s Ratings

Burger – 9.8

Environment – 5

Side – 9.8

“The messiest burger yet!”

Lisa’s Ratings

Burger – 9.6

Environment – 5

Side – 9.6