Portland Burger Tour – Killer Burger

Killer Burger was a super fun experience! Luckily there are multiple locations because the first one we went to was jam packed. The environment was really fun and we were happy we were there on a Blazer game night. There were so many burgers to choose from but I just had to try the rumored Peanut Butter Pickle Burger. It was great! You could definitely taste the peanut butter in the sauce they used but it was a really great combination. We love the fries and side options as well. We had a couple of guests with us tonight to celebrate a birthday (Great place for that!).

We are rating Killer Burger in the Tier 2 category of restaurants as they are more a diner or chain style joint. 

Our ratings below –

Kendra’s Ratings

Burger – 7.7

Environment – 7

Side – 7

Chris’ Ratings

Burger – 8

Environment – 7

Side -7

 Ron’s Ratings

Burger – 7.9

Environment – 7

Side -7.8

Lisa’s Ratings

Burger – 8

Environment – 7

Side -7.5