Portland Burger Tour – Foster Burger

Oh Foster Burger, I don’t really know how else to start this post other than saying I think we were successful in finding one of the sleaziest streets in Portland on this tour. Definitely is being rated on our tier 2 scale. The burger joint in crammed between some trashy looking strip clubs and across from an adult video store. Against our better judgement we decided to go for it since it was on a top rated list we had seen. We probably should have just left.

I will say that the food was ok, wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either. The location was terrible and the place was dirty both the unclean kind of dirty and had things on the walls that I wouldn’t want my future kids seeing (dirty show posters and old band memorabilia). We all tried different burgers from the menu –  The Kiwi Burger (natural, hormone free ground lamb, cheddar, pickled beet, egg, mayo, lettuce, house pickles, onion), The Burner ( The Foster Burger with “Sri-Rancha,” roasted jalapenos, fried onion straws, shredded lettuce, American & cheddar) and The Kentucky Blue (The Foster Burger with blue cheese, bacon, bourbon onions, shredded lettuce and pickle, side of Foster Sauce). We also all tried the Black and White Fries which are grilled in parmesan and white truffle oil and served with a side of squid ink aioli. *SPOILER ALERT*, one of us got food poisoning. Anyone want to take a guess at which burger did one of the judges in? It was the Kiwi Burger (thankfully not mine). This tour is not all glamorous, we did the hard work on this one so we can honestly tell people that we don’t recommend it.

Ratings below and based on these you can tell who got food poisoning too.

Kendra’s Ratings

Burger – 3

Environment – 3

Side – 3

Chris’ Ratings

Burger – 4

Environment – 3.5

Side -3

 Ron’s Ratings

Burger – 0

Environment – 0

Side -0

Lisa’s Ratings

Burger – 3

Environment – 3

Side -3.5