Portland Burger Tour – The Canyon Grill

To follow up our not so great experience at our last tier 2 burger joint we had a wonderful experience at The Canyon Grill. Driving by you may not even notice it because it’s so small but this place has great food! The menu was full of diner classics. We all ordered different burgers again! We tried the Canyon Burger, the Hawaiian, the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger and the Mushroom Swiss. You got your choice of fries, tater tots and onion rings. We tried the onion rings and fries and just loved both.

I have to give a shout out the to owners who were serving us, they were just wonderful. They even brought us out a taste of the jambalaya soup they were making and it was amazing. We all agreed we needed to go back just for a full bowl of that. Great place, we would definitely all go back!

Our ratings below –

Kendra’s Ratings

Burger – 7

Environment – 7.5

Side – 8.5

Chris’ Ratings

Burger -8

Environment – 8

Side – 8

Ron’s Ratings

Burger – 7.5

Environment – 8

Side – 8.2

Lisa’s Ratings

Burger – 8.3

Environment – 8

Side – 8.5