Portland Pizza Tour – Sizzle Pie

So after a good long run of burgers (with many more locations to go) we decided to give our palette’s a break and try some pizza places. I am personally just giddy about this tour because pizza is just my favorite ever. First up on our list was Sizzle Pie in Portland. Sizzle Pie is a New York style pizza served by the slice. We each decided to try something different because of that! We tried the South of Heaven, Ol’ Dirty and Exploding Hearts. We had so much fun and we thought that Sizzle Pie was the perfect start to our Portland pizza experience!

Our Ratings Below!

Kendra’s Ratings

Pizza – 7

Environment – 6.2

“Ordering the slice of pizza with the salad is the best deal! I got Rabbits Salad (shown in the photo)”

Chris’ Ratings

Pizza – 7

Environment -5.5

 Ron’s Ratings

Pizza – 8.5

Environment -7.8

Lisa’s Ratings

Pizza – 7.5

Environment – 5.5