Portland Pizza Tour – Old Town Pizza

Round two of our pizza tour last night at Old Town Pizza in Portland! This place was so nice and quiet on a Tuesday, we loved all the space and the seating of our choice. The whole place is decorated with awesome antiques and very eclectic. We ordered the House Pizza on both thick and thin crust (we just had to compare) and the Pulled Pork BBQ one on half as well. I think we all liked both but maybe more of us preferred the thin crust and how crunchy it was. The pizza is really hard to categorize because it’s not thin enough to be New York Style and not thick enough to be Chicago Style, our waitress fondly referred to it as Portland Style with no comparison. I think my personal favorite component of the pizza was the fennel italian sausage, it had so much flavor packed into each bite! It was a super fun trip and we all enjoyed the pizza and environment.

*Blast from the past* My parents said that they visited this place in the 80’s and everything looks really similar, even the couches that are in there as seating options!

Our ratings below. Surprisingly we are all really on the same page for once!

Kendra’s Ratings

Pizza – 7.2

Environment – 7

Chris’ Ratings

Pizza – 7

Environment -7

Ron’s Ratings

Pizza – 7

Environment -7.5

Lisa’s Ratings

Pizza – 7.5

Environment -7