Portland Pizza Tour – Gladstone St. Pizza and Saint Pizza Lounge

Visited Gladstone St. Pizza and Saint Pizza Lounge last week! The building is basically divided into two parts, one with a bar and one more traditional dine-in. Both serve the same pizza. We ate in the lounge for our trip. The pizza was New York style again, which we are loving! We ordered the Meat Combo pizza which had Italian Sausage, Pepperoni and Canadian Bacon. It was amazing. I mean how can you go wrong with an all meat pizza? There were so many other great pizzas that I would love to go back and try! Great experience!

Our ratings below!

Kendra’s Ratings

Pizza – 7.8

Environment –  7

Chris’ Ratings

Pizza – 6.5

Environment – 6

Ron’s Ratings

Pizza – 8.5

Environment – 8

Lisa’s Ratings

Pizza – 8

Environment – 7.5