Portland Pizza Tour – Baby Doll Pizza

Last night’s conquest was Baby Doll Pizza in SE Portland. Baby Doll is a pizza by slice joint as well as a delivery service in Portland. It was small but really enjoyable. It was so nice outside that we ordered and sat outside on the picnic tables. We all tried different slices varying from veggie to meat. I think the collective favorite was Canadian bacon, banana peppers and mushrooms and then also the classic pepperoni. So far I think Baby Doll has been my favorite pizza by the slice place. I loved the crunchy, New York style crust most!

 Our ratings below –

 Kendra’s Ratings

Pizza – 7

Environment – 5

Chris’ Ratings

Pizza – 8

Environment -6

Ron’s Ratings

Pizza – 8.8

Environment -7

 Lisa’s Ratings

Pizza – 8

Environment -7