9 Kitchen Items You Need In Your Life

I absolutely love seeing posts about people’s favorite kitchen items! Blog posts have helped me discover some of my favorite things. Here is a roundup of some awesome items that every kitchen should have. Enjoy!

9 Kitchen Items You Need In Your Life

  1. Salad Spinner – I use mine every time I make salad. Nobody like a sloppy wet salad and sometimes draining the lettuce takes too long when you’re in a rush. The salad spinner is perfect to solve those problems! I rinse my lettuce in the colander and then pop the base and lid on to drain the lettuce in seconds. Click here for a link. 61rVsCTnZeL._SY463_
  2. Ninja Chopper – This is the most useful wedding gift I received! It wasn’t even on my registry but someone knew how much I needed this in my life! I use this chopper for everything from herbs to nuts. You just push the button on the top to pulse the blade and quickly chop anything. I got one for my parents for Christmas and they have quickly come to love it (especially for ginger and garlic!). Click here for a link.61daTxkT+jL._SY463_
  3. KitchenAid Grater Attachment – I am a cheese lover and I use enough in my cooking to pay for this attachment 5 times over. It can quickly grate things in large quantities and saves you from the monotony and knicked knuckles of a regular grater. Click here for a link.21515910151511p
  4. Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper Tupperware – With baking being an ongoing event in my house, I need to have the basic dry goods on hand at all times. While I love the look of glass jars for storage, I find that these containers are more practical both for freshness and storage space. Click here for a link.71CZEt6CFsL._SL1500_
  5. Herb Scissors – Save yourself from the plucking of tiny leaves and let these scissors do it quickly! Click here for a link.Chefast-5-Blade-Herb-Scissors-new
  6. Polder Candy Thermometer – This candy thermometer was recommended by Half Baked Harvest (ones of my favorite chef bloggers) and it did not disappoint! It is super affordable and the height makes it perfect for even large batches of candy. Click here for a link61FsL5V1VqL._SY463_
  7. Pampered Chef Microplane – I have a couple versions of this tool but I love the Pampered Chef one the most! It’s sharp and the handle folds to fit in that one utensil drawer in your kitchen that is always stuffed too full. I use mine for zesting citrus fruits for cooking and baking and for hard cheeses like Parmesan. Click here for a link.                1105-1-lg
  8. Oxo Measuring Beakers – I love these little beakers for liquids! Sometimes when baking I like to have all of my ingredients measured out and just ready to pour into a bowl and I haven’t seen a great tool for this for the teaspoon and tablespoon measurements. You can buy this in a set of 4 sizes or also a set of 7 sizes. Click here for a link.                             shopping
  9. Pampered Chef Mix ‘N Chop – I would be lost without this utensil. My grandma has been using it for years and got it for me and I love it! I use mine mainly for cooking ground meat. It has these perfect, almost blade-like, angles that help chop up cold or semi-frozen meat into the perfect sized pieces. Click here for a link.  2583-lg


Hope you enjoyed my roundup of awesome kitchen items! I would love to hear what you guys can’t live without in your kitchens. Comment below and share some of your favorite items!