Tea Cart Refinish: Generic to Farmhouse

Sometimes when I’m out hunting for treasures I find a piece that I know needs updated but it takes a little while for me to get inspired to change it. This tea cart was a $5 garage sale find and it immediately filled a space in the kitchen storing plants and dishes. I didn’t love the faux wood contact paper finish and knew it needed paint but I debated for a long time about what color to paint the rails. I thought maybe going copper would tie together some of the copper pieces in the kitchen. But I really don’t love the overly shiny new copper look. The inspiration didn’t hit me until I got the beautiful “bakery” sign you see in the pictures. Immediately when I saw that I knew black and white was going to be perfect!


For the rails I used Behr Alkyd Paint in Totally Black. I opted to hand paint the rails vs spray paint because I love the durability of the Alkyd paint and I wanted a brush stroked look to add some character. For the shelves I used Behr paint and primer combo in Sleek White (this is also the color I chose to paint the trim in the house). It took me 2 coats of the Behr Alkyd to cover the rails and 3 coats of the paint and primer combo to paint the shelves. After this project I decided that I definitely prefer the Alkyd finish over the paint and primer combo. The Alkyd paint requires fewer coats and is much easier to paint.

Finds and Dines Spring 20

I love how this project came out and I am looking forward to using this space as place to style seasonally now that the sleek white and black is just begging to display pretty things. Let me know what you think of this update or if you have any questions about my process!

Finds and Dines Spring 23