Intentional Living

Intentional living. This is a subject we don’t hear a lot about in today’s society. We live in a very me-centric world that rewards those who take risks at the expense of everything else. I have spent the last 3 years living in a place of inconsistency and my only real intention being success at my job. Every day I would be told by peers and mentors that the key success for me would be leaving my home, my family and pouring my 100% into my business. Only then, in a big city, would I have success. I have spent years listening to that and I have genuinely tried to get on board. I would convince myself in my head that I could totally move to another city/state to work. I convinced myself that I could be away from family for a while. I convinced myself that my marriage would still be strong even if I was putting all my time into something else. And at the beginning of this year I couldn’t convince myself any more.


If you ask me what the most important things are to me I would respond with relationships and family. God, my marriage, my family and the family that Chris and I are working towards having. And yet looking at how I’ve spent the last few years, none of my time has been invested in the things I find to be the top priority for me. The most important things in my life have been suffering. One of my coworkers years ago once told me, “Nobody lies on their deathbed and says they wish they would have worked more. They all say they wish they would have made more time for family”.


This year is about taking back the things I find to be most important, making time for the things I say are my top priority, appreciating the things that won’t always be here and trusting that God will make the rest fall in place. I want to be hospitable and generous. I want to be the person who is consistent and present. I want the things that I say are my top priority to receive the top priority of time that I have to give. I want this year to lay the foundation of how I want to live the rest of my life.


What does intentional living look like for you? Do the things you say are your top priority receive the first fruits of your time?