Decorating with Vintage Tins

I was at an estate sale last year and spotted a beautiful floral tin and completely fell in love. I loved how ornate it looked, the pattern and the pretty colors. That began a fun little collection of vintage tins. I am pretty picky with which ones I choose (as I am with all things), I have specific patterns and colors that I like. But how fun are these?

Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 12

Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 6

I have been incorporating them into the house since I started collecting and I love the color and texture that they can add to a space. I am not one of those people who likes to collect things and then display the whole collection together. If I style a whole collection in the same place then I start looking at everything I’ve accumulated and think that I have a problem! Just kidding, but I like incorporating things in functional ways rather than using space to show a collection. In a small house, I don’t have space for that!

Finds and Dines Letterboard 3

Finds and Dines Letterboard 1

I like to use them to store jewelry, pens, bobby pins, hairbands and my most recent discovery…letterboard letters!

Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 7

I have found that I love to use the tins to add dimension and color on trays on my coffee table or kitchen table. They look great on book shelves, on the bathroom counter with hair accessories, on a dresser to replace an old jewelry box or on a desk with pens and office supplies.

Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 5

Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 2

I also have plans to plant some succulents in a few smaller tins that I found. So many fun projects and ways to incorporate these into decor in a functional way!

Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 3Finds and Dines Vintage Tins 4

Hope this post inspires you to find new ways to use old things!

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