Bedroom Dresser Update

When you first get married and buy a house, it seems like a mad dash to get enough pieces of furniture and decor to have a functional life. Then after a few years and looking at some ugly furniture for far too long it’s finally time to slowly replace and add things with character that will last a while. Chris and I, after 4 years of marriage, are in this second phase of ridding our home of the pressboard furniture that we have had since we were young and adding pieces that will last for years. It’s a slow process and a continual process and I actually like it that way. Perfectly finished is overrated, right?!

Finds and Dines Antique Dresser 3

Finds and Dines Antique Dresser 4

I am, obviously, a huge fan of vintage finds, so when I saw this beautiful antique dresser at a garage sale, I just couldn’t resist. I love the old castors, the pretty legs, the color of the wood and even the hardware! I bought it with no idea of how I would refinish it, but I just knew I loved it. After staring at this piece for months with no idea how to tackle a paint job, I decided that it just may be meant to rock the original wood look for a while. I may change my mind in a few months but for now, I am so excited to have this piece in our bedroom!

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