Couch Re-Upholstery Q&A

I got a lot of questions about the couch project and I’m not surprised because it’s such an intense process with a lot of moving pieces and it’s sometimes hard to find someone to chat with and ask questions! So I’m going to do a little Q&A and try to share as much additional info as I can.


Q. Where did you get your fabric?

A. I got the fabric at Joann Fabric in store. The fabric is called duck canvas and I found it back with the utility fabric. It runs about $9.99 a yard but I waited to have a 60% coupon with the Joann App and that made the whole project very affordable!


Q. How much fabric did you need for the whole couch?

A. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am really horrible at measuring. I found a blog post online that gave some general guidelines for upholstery measurements and I went with it. The post said it takes between 20 and 22 yards of fabric for a couch. I bought 20 yards because that added up to two bolts exactly (which means no cutting, which means coupon applies to my whole purchase!). The 20 yards was more than enough to do everything, the frame, cushions and pillows. I have extra left for throw pillows as well!


Q. How will you keep fabric that light clean?

A. Immediately after I finished the project and put the couch together, I applied multiple coats of ScotchGard and I am hoping that repels stains (I will keep everyone updated on how I like the product since it’s my first time using it). I know that life is messy and I can’t keep things from happening but I will prevent it as much as possible and also rely on the density of the fabric being easy to clean. That’s why I picked this fabric in the first place!


Q. How much time, total, did it take to finish?

A. With my current schedule, I only had time to work on the project in the evenings. Doing a couple hours each evening it took me about 2 weeks to finish.


Q. Do you think it’s actually worth it?

A. I asked myself this questions many times before I started. The issue in my case was that as I started looking for couches that I liked, I found that I couldn’t find that cream color many places. I really like couches from Restoration Hardware (expensive taste, I know…), the earthy colors and textures just really get me. I especially like the deconstructed ones like these. I had a frame I liked and just needed the fabric so I couldn’t justify spending money on a new couch. If you have the time to do it, I say that it’s worth it! The whole project cost me about $100.


Hope this was helpful to all of you who commented and emailed me questions!