Dollhouse Project

Happy Monday, friends!

I spent time garage saling this weekend, as usual! But today I wanted to share with you something I purchased off of Facebook Marketplace. Marketplace is my new favorite way of finding things online! It’s just super easy to meet up with people and find things that are close by. It’s like garage saling online!

Finds and Dines Dollhouse 3

So I’ll give you a backstory on the whole dollhouse things. I was never into dolls, or dollhouses or anything remotely girly as a kid. I don’t even remember having a doll. As an adult I found an unfinished dollhouse at Goodwill one day and just realized how exciting it is to be able to decorate and design the inside of a house! So that started me looking into dollhouses.  Fast forward to the last few weeks (about 6 months since I bought the unfinished dollhouse) and I started realizing how beautiful some of these dollhouse designs really are! I mean the detail that people put into these things is just amazing! The unfinished one I got at Goodwill is literally just a box and on marketplace I ran into a listing for a large Victorian Farmhouse Dollhouse. And I took one look and fell in love. It has charm, intricate detail, was well made and could be loved for years. My husband very graciously said yes (his actual words were, I could picture myself playing with this with our kids someday) and we brought this beast home. It’s 4 feet long by 4 feet tall, this thing is massive. I actually have no clue where we will put it, I just know that I love it.

Finds and Dines Dollhouse 4Finds and Dines Dollhouse 1

The best part about this was that the lady I bought it from has a great story about it. It was handcrafted for her by her great grandfather. He built one for each of his great granddaughters. It was built right here in my town and is over 50 years old. Is has a few repairs to railing that got knocked off  with years of moving but overall is in great condition. Each door opens, each window is real and the top tower roof comes off to access the top tower floor. The woman also told me that a similar dollhouse ,also build by her great grandfather that is now owned by her mother, gets entered into dollhouse competitions and has won many national awards for style and craftsmanship.

Finds and Dines Dollhouse 11Finds and Dines Dollhouse 10Finds and Dines Dollhouse 7Finds and Dines Dollhouse 6Finds and Dines Dollhouse 5Finds and Dines Dollhouse 9Finds and Dines Dollhouse 8

I really couldn’t take photos that I love of this piece because it hasn’t found a home yet but I just couldn’t keep from sharing it with you guys! Does anyone else have dollhouses? Funnier question, does anyone else have a dollhouse and no kids? Comment below or send me an email and tell me about all of your dollhouses! I’ll also keep you up to date on my hunt to find each piece of furniture because buying it new is so expensive!

Have a great week!