5 Tips for Successful Goodwill Hunting

Recently on my Instagram Stories, I shared some recent goodwill finds that got everyone excited! Who doesn’t love finding brand new stuff, with original tags, for a few dollars?! Goodwill has been a love of mine for years, way before the whole thrifting thing became trendy. But now that people are becoming interested in finding good deals, I can’t help but share some tips from my many years of goodwill hunting.

  1. Visit Frequently. Don’t go once and expect to come out with a cart load of stuff. Goodwill restocks their shelves daily and the key to finding those killer deals is by going in frequently. One day you may find nothing and the next day you may find a haul of treasures. By going into the store frequently, you will figure out the restocking schedule of your local store and get a pulse on what they restock and when.
  2. Visit Goodwill on the day the color tags change. On top of the racks at goodwill there is a sign with a certain color tag. That color tag is half off all week. At my local stores the day they change the color tag is Sunday. On this day suddenly all of the green (red, blue, orange etc.) tags are 50% off. This makes a good deal a great deal!
  3. Visit early in the mornings after opening or before closing. They tend to restock the shelves during these times and some of my favorite finds have been in the morning or about 30 minutes before closing. Visiting frequently will help you figure this out at your local store.
  4. Walk through all of the aisles. I can’t even count the number of times that I have gone into the store for a piece of clothing and come out with a piece of furniture. You just never know what you are going to find and you won’t know unless you walk the aisles.
  5. Avoid things that are overpriced. Sometimes you can tell by a price tag that goodwill figured out a certain brand name and they really want to mark it up. You can find their “designer” shoes usually on a certain end rack where they keep the stuff they deem more valuable. I have rarely found that a certain pair of shoes is really any better than the average stuff on the rest of the racks. But beware of this with certain pieces of clothing. Is Banana Republic a good brand name, yes. Do I want to pay $39 dollars for one of their dresses instead of $7 like every other dress, no. Just look for the best items you can find for the best price you can find. Google is your friend to figure out if something is actually a good deal!


Hope these tips are helpful for all of you hunters! I hope everyone finds amazing deals and has great stories of savings to share with friends and family!