We Are Expecting!

Over the last two years I have been doing a lot of soul searching and trailing back all of my actions in life and work to things of real importance. What are my core motivations? What really matters? It feels like in an age of extreme feminism and career focus that having children can be looked at as a downgrade in opportunity or a hindrance to career/financial growth. Especially having a career in a very fast paced, self-centered industry where it feels like everyone would do anything to let people around them know that work comes first and that family can come someday if there is time after they have done all they want to do. And I feel like in the last two years my thinking has been drastically changed.

Barber Baby Announcement 3

As I traced back everything I do to what really matters to me and what my core motivations are, I kept coming back to the same things – God and Family. And when I started doing that, I started feeling like the weight of hiding what mattered most to me came tumbling off. And thankfully, I married a man who wants the exact same things in life. So we started a process in our jobs, home and marriage of giving God control of every area and truly trusting him with our future. From that trust and process of letting go of what we thought our lives would look like, Chris got an amazing job with an insurance plan that could not be better, I continued to book work despite cutting down on travel, we were able to get Chris a truck and stop sharing our one car and God blessed us with a pregnancy! I have never felt more secure and happy and I would give it all up again to be in this exact same place.

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We are so thrilled to be pregnant with our first! I am 14 weeks along and really feeling good! I struggled through morning sickness (at night) for quite a few weeks and a little bit still. I have more headaches than normal right now due to hormones. But the biggest change has really been exhaustion, I feel so much less productive than normal! Hopefully I am turning the corner to more energy with the second trimester. The baby is measuring at the perfect size and the heartbeat has been strong and healthy at every appointment so far. We are going to find out the gender the week after Thanksgiving!

Barber Baby Announcement 2

So much excitement around our home right now and I now have so many new projects to share! I have started planning the nursery and I have a very big project for me that I am excited to reveal soon!