She Shed – Demo and Design

After announcing our pregnancy, the most exciting thing was getting to announce that I am currently transforming our garden shed into an office space! For the sake of fun though, we will call it a She Shed! My blog friend Erin at Cottonstem super inspired me with her space (See her She Shed Here). I had a super difficult time actually finding posts of the process of building these adorable little space so I hope my information and journey can fill that gap!


For starters, I will share that we did not build anything, this garden shed was an existing structure in my backyard and we are simply re-purposing it. While I aspire to someday live on acreage and farmland, that is not reality right now so this is a great way to increase our usable space in an affordable way since our new addition will be taking over the third bedroom in our home.

The thought process of this space was pretty simple. Build a beautiful, functional tiny space for the office while keeping everything as budget friendly as possible. This post is going to cover the basic design and demo as stage 1 of this process.

Finds and Dines She Shed 17

My first priority was cleaning out the shed. We moved into our house 5 years ago and I have really only tried to organize the space once. The previous owner left loads of junk in there from old paint cans to yard tools and I actually didn’t need hardly anything in there. I condensed my gardening supplies to one storage container that moved to the garage and the rest got dumped! I cringe to share how gross this space was but for the sake of honest before and afters, this is the before.

Finds and Dines She Shed 16Finds and Dines She Shed 13Finds and Dines She Shed 15Finds and Dines She Shed 14Finds and Dines She Shed 12

My second priority was making sure that this space would be flooded with light. Natural light is my favorite thing and always lacking in our 80’s built home, that will not be the case in the She Shed. I found two vinyl windows on Craigslist and a glass paned door on Facebook Marketplace. The windows were a simple install. For the door, we build a custom door frame since the shed had an odd sized door and then we reversed the hinges on the door to swing the correct way.

Finds and Dines She Shed 11Finds and Dines She Shed 10Finds and Dines She Shed 7Finds and Dines She Shed 9Finds and Dines She Shed 3

On the inside we removed the upper cabinets and the workbench and wired everything so that I could easily run my computer. We installed 6 outlets and lighting for the inside and an outdoor sconce light. We used PVC pipe to run wiring from the outside wall of my old office into the shed. All of the work was tedious but nothing super complicated.

Finds and Dines She Shed 4Finds and Dines She Shed 8Finds and Dines She Shed 5

Next up in this series we will be insulating, shiplapping, adding floorboards, floating shelving, wrapped ceiling beams, window panes and of course painting! Hope you guys enjoy this process as much as I am, this is truly allowing me so much freedom to create and I am so excited to get to actually work here! Comment with any questions, I would love to hear from you!

Finds and Dines She Shed 2