Five Days of Goodwill Hunting

Have you ever stumbled into goodwill and gotten so lucky that you wonder what it would be like if you would stop in every day? I tested that theory over a 5 day period and thought it would be fun to share some of the finds!

I am always curious too if I can uncover some kind of trend at my local store. Do they stock shelves at a certain time? Are some days more lucky than others? Do the lovely salvage boxes from Target come in at a specific time?

I started my 5 day journey the first week of the new year on a Wednesday and went through Sunday (I wanted to include a Sunday since that is the day that the half off color changes).

Day 1.

This was the day that started it all! I decided to run into goodwill after an appointment just for a quick look. I didn’t even grab a basket or cart because I wanted to just run in quickly. Oh man… It was like every aisle I found something I loved and couldn’t pass up! I found a mix of vintage pieces and also some treasures from Target!

I found a vintage leather barstool that I just fell in love with! It was $4.99 and it is a perfect project piece for me to work on! I love the upholstery and the leather is in perfect condition but I just want to either paint or stain the legs.



I found 2 black locker style baskets. I am always on the hunt for antique locker bins but these caught my eye and I thought they would be perfect for the open shelving in the she shed.


Vintage metal, mint green, card catalog. I scored this little guy for storage in the shed. It still had a $20 tag on it from an antique store and I got it for $4.99.


Universal Thread Wenda Cut Out Booties. This is the third pair I’ve found and I love them so much! Brand new with the tags on for $7 while they are currently still available online at Target for $34.


Smith and Hawken seed grow bags. I love how cute these are and I got them to grow in the she shed on the open shelving for spring! I paid $1.99 each.


Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Vintage Look Scissors. These have been on my wishlist since they came out and while I couldn’t bear to spend $17 off the shelf at Target, I could do $6.99 at Goodwill!



Day 2.

It’s so funny how one day you can be finding all of the aesthetically pleasing treasures and then the next day it’s not nearly as fun or glamorous but you find useful things. On day 2 I found swim diapers for the baby and my big find was a Ring Doorbell Cam for $12.99. I about died when I saw it because it’s one of those things that I have always wanted but never even thought to look for. I found it next to the kids clothing! It is definitely as awesome as I expected! I wouldn’t pay $150 but $12.99 I can do!


Day 3 – 5.

As is typical with hunting, these days I found absolutely nothing! I had good inspiration to keep going back after 2 amazing days but just didn’t find a thing. And that’s how it goes!

The takeaways.

So after 5 days of consistent hunting I have a few tips and discoveries –

  • Unlike most stores, goodwill restocks their shelves throughout the entire day, not just in the morning. This means that showing up at 8pm could be just as lucky as if you were there at opening. Day 1 I went around 7pm and day 2 I went in the afternoon.
  • I did notice that it seemed like a whole haul of Target salvage would come out during the same day, so as soon as I found the shoes from Target, I knew there may be some other new Target finds around and that led me to the beautiful scissors!
  • Avoid weekends. I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten really lucky on a weekend. There are too many people and I feel like they may not stock shelves as often during the busy days.
  • There are way busier donation times, specifically during spring cleaning or right around the new year. My goodwill currently has about 25 trucks in their parking lot waiting to be unloaded vs the end of December was soooo dry. Also we can’t deny the fact that for the next few months everyone is going to be donating items that “Don’t Spark Joy” (thank you Marie Kondo!) and I will be patiently waiting! donations-to-thrift-stores-are-up-thanks-in-part--2-9771-1547325285-0_dblbig


Hope you all enjoyed a little roundup of my finds and gathered some helpful tips for goodwill hunting! Share thoughts and comments below!