She Shed Reveal

I can’t even contain my excitement with this project! It has been a 3 month process and I am so excited to finally share it with you all!

In addition to getting to share fun pockets of my home, my full time job is as a photographer! When we found out baby #1 was on the way, we really had to think creatively about an office space since my previous office will now be the nursery. The shed idea was born one day as I was working in the yard and realizing how much I would love to have a greenhouse. I was inspired by Erin at Cottonstem and her beautiful she shed office space!  And inspired by the idea of Joanna Gaines’ garden house. I married these two ideas into my little shed space!

I am most excited to have a space that was born in my brain, built with my own hands (with help from wonderful friends) and can change decor and function as often as I please!

Welcome to the She Shed!





I am still in the process of moving in and figuring out how I want to style everything but in the spirit of embracing the current situation, I am so excited to share this with you all!