DIY Farmhouse Open Shelving

The open shelving in the she shed is what I always envisioned tying the whole space together and now that the project is completed, it definitely does just that! You guys also love the shelves and I have gotten a bunch of comments and questions about them!


I thought I would put together a post with materials used so if anyone is itching to add some farmhouse charm with open shelving, this is your one stop shop!

I sourced most of my materials through Home Depot so it would be super easy to get everything in one shopping trip. If I had to pick something I really hate, it would be having to go back and forth to different stores to find my materials. I like things to be easy!

I started the whole process by choosing my brackets. I wanted black brackets without the cross-supports that would be strong enough to handle my shelves and everything I plan on decorating with. I chose the 12″ Forged Steel Brackets. I chose to do three brackets for my eight foot span of shelving. To be honest that is probably overkill because I have seen people do about the same length with two but we made sure they would be well supported!


Choosing the lumber took a little bit of consulting to figure out the best fit! Originally I was going to go with 1×12 lumber but after looking at it and talking to a very helpful guy at Home Depot, I opted to go for 2×12 because I didn’t want to risk bowing of the shelves. The guy helping me told me that he felt the heavier boards would also translate to a more farmhouse/rustic feel vs a modern look with the thinner boards. I chose the 2×12 Douglas Fir Lumber and am thrilled with how they look and that they have absolutely no chance of bowing. As an added bonus, this lumber is around $11 per length – super affordable!


For mounting we used these TimberLok Wood Screws. We were lucky enough to be able to screw each of them into studs and that really helped secure them tightly to the shiplap walls.

The stain color was the one item not from Home Depot. I fell in love with the Farmhouse Stain from Old Barn Milk Paint. It is the perfect blend of warmth and depth, the stain is odorless (which is great for this pregnant lady!) and the application was really easy. I used an old tee shirt to apply and that helped me get it really evenly applied without streaking. In hindsight, I would have done this before mounting but it still turned out great!


Hope this is helpful to all of you looking to get some beautiful open shelving with that farmhouse feel. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!