Tile Resurfacing with Rustolium’s Tub and Tile Kit

Do you want to transform your tile without committing to a total demo project? Look no further, this kit is your answer! I eventually want to add subway tile to my bathrooms and kitchen (literally everywhere) but I was itching for a quicker change. My bathroom tile is actually quite new and in great condition, my only hangup is the color! The previous owner LOVED green…It is in every room in the house and the outside of the house. My goal in life the last 5 years has been to banish the old green little by little. I found the Rustolium Tub and Tile Kit on Amazon and was shocked at the great for reviews for only $25! I bought 2 of them and below I will walk you through some of my notes.


Here are a couple before pictures of the tile. I think we can all agree that this poo brown/green needed to go!

Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (1)Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (2)Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (3)Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (4)

Do –

Invest in a breathing mask and leave it on the whole time through the mixing to application. This stuff is beyond fumy, like incredibly strong. They say to use it in a well ventilated area but in reality how well ventilated are any of our spaces that have tubs or tile?! Use a fan, open windows and plan on having a smell stick in your house for about 3 days as it cures. Not trying to scare anyone but it truly was a surprise to me.

Use gloves to mix and paint the part A and part B and through the whole process. I got a few drops on my fingers during the first coat application and it completely dried out my skin. The gloves will save you!

The kit includes a base coat (part A) and an epoxy (part B). When mixing part A and part B together, you really need to mix the solution well and allow it to sit for a few minutes before starting to apply. When you first mix the two together the paint is really thin and I found that waiting a few minutes to paint helps it thicken a bit.

Use good quality high density foam rollers. I used 4″ ones as suggested on the kit. I saw a lot of reviews online about the rollers beginning to dissolve in the paint. I bought a 6 pack and switched out rollers as I saw any splitting happening. I only ended up needed 3 but it’s good to be aware of the dissolving and if you start to see pieces of foam on your tile, switch out rollers quickly.

Paint quickly, this stuff dries fast and it is hard to clean up dripping once it has started to harden.

Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (5)

Don’t –

Expect to paint one coat and be done. This is a 2+ coat process, especially if you have a darker tile, and it is worth the additional coats!

Try and stretch this into a week long process. The paint and epoxy mix needs to be used within a day once mixed according to the package. This isn’t too hard to do since each coat only takes an hour to dry.

Expose to water for at least 3 days. It would be tragic to go to all of this work and then immediately ruin it by not letting it cure properly.

Expect it to be flawless. At the end of the day you are painting a super high gloss epoxy onto an existing smooth surface and you cannot be OCD about every brush stroke. I learned this especially with my sink refinish. Since it is a sloping sink it is literally impossible to get it perfectly smooth BUT what you can do is drastically improve the look and color. I’ll take a few brush strokes in my finish vs rust spots and stains any day!

Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (6)

So to sum it all up!

Pros –

Transform tubs, tile and sinks within one day.

Price point – you can’t beat $25 for a huge transformation.

Super simple instructions and application.

The high gloss finish is stunning.

Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (8)

Cons –

The smell of this kit is INTENSE. I was not expecting to have a lingering fumy smell in my house for so long.

Harsh on skin (again, use those gloves)

Because of the strength of the product I found washing brushes and rollers to be impossible so I ended up having to toss them. Not a deal breaker but something to consider when buying materials.

Waste. I am bummed that they only offer the one size of kit. If you are just refinishing a sink, you will unfortunately not even get close to using the full can of product.

Finds and Dines Bathroom Rano Tile Refinish (9)

I can’t speak to how well the kit holds up over time since I just completed my project but I will definitely write a follow up to be able to report on how well I like the finish after some time and use!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and feel inspired to take on your tile! Feel free to ask questions and comment below!