Giani Marble Bathroom Countertop Makeover

Of all the DIY projects I wanted to try with this bathroom renovation, the Giani Countertop Kit was top of the list! I have always had a love for marble countertops and when I first looked at Giani, I noticed that they carried mostly granite kits. I kept checking back in as I saw many bloggers sharing their DIY countertops and much to my excitement, Giani released a new marble kit!

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I have to say, when I got the kit, I was shocked in the best way possible. I have never seen a more clearly defined set of instructions in my life! This kit walks you step by step through the process of how to paint each stage of the countertop, they tell you what materials to use for each stage, they have video tutorials available online and immediately after ordering I got a personal email from a Giani rep who was available to ask any questions to as I progressed through the process. I did not have any moments of confusion while doing this project and having that confidence really means a lot when making such a massive change!

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The actual process was very simple – clean your countertops, paint the base coats, paint the marble veins, highlight and seal with a topcoat.  I painted 3 coats of the base coat just to be sure that I wouldn’t be seeing any hint of green showing through. We had a green laminate countertop with green backsplash tile. The base coat is a cool white color and does cover really well even after one coat. My biggest challenge in the process was figuring out what to do with my tile backsplash. I thought maybe since it wasn’t a smooth backsplash that it may actually look weird to have the marble veins continue up but at the end of the day I went for it and I love how it looks!

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The veining was the part I was most nervous about. I referred to the instruction guide many times during this portion and was relieved that they included images of some of the popular vein patterns. Basically you paint a line using the grey vein paint in the kit and then you use the soft bristle brush and the spray bottle to make the line bleed. I sprayed the line until I saw the water make it spread and then gentle used the brush to push the line into a more natural vein pattern. You paint the main veins first and those are meant to be darker and more pronounced and then you follow that up with the ghost veins that are much more faint. Once the veins dry a bit you use a sea sponge to highlight the veins and areas around the veins to add some more dimension and make them feel less like painted lines.

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The final stage in the process is the topcoat! This was actually my very favorite part because after all the detail work on the veins and highlights, it feels so good to slap that topcoat on and know that your art is sealed in there forever! The topcoat give the finish this perfect shine and really drys hard and makes you feel like you can treat the painted countertop just like a regular countertop!

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I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about this kit or the process, I fully intend on doing my master bathroom countertops and my kitchen with these kits!

Hope this post gives you all the inspiration to make a big change in a cost effective and simple way. Ask me any questions you may have about the process below!